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The Last Line of Defense

Cybercriminals have gotten through some of the world’s best defenses. They’re often after data, corrupting it, and locking it up for payment through ransomware. No security strategy is complete until it takes the last step of protecting data with quickly available, full, uncorrupted copies of everything your business depends on [6.5 min. read]

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I wanted to drop a line …

Last month Bryley got an email about the work of Michelle Denio from a happy client [2.5 min. read]

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Office 365 Had New Features Every Month in 2020!?!

Office 365 … er actually Microsoft 365 … keeps changing. Unlike when you could purchase licenses with three-year feature cycles, the Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model with rolling updates means that every month we’re getting feature updates [6.5 min. read]

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The wall comes tumbling down…

After 83 years, your brick courtyard walls might need some repair … [1 min. read]