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Preview into Microsoft Office 2013

In addition to Windows 8, I have also been using Office 2013 over the past few months; I like some things, but not everything: • Excel updates ripple slowly down the page; they seemed to run a bit faster in previous versions. • The top-right Window icons have shifted somewhat; the Minimize icon ( _ […]

Booting Windows 8 into Safe Mode

Safe Mode is useful for diagnosing PC problems. Because Windows 8 starts quickly, you cannot get into Safe Mode by pressing [F8] during the boot-up process (as you could with previous versions of Windows). The new procedure: Go to Settings and then select Power Hold [Shift] and then press Restart to open System Recovery Options Select Troubleshoot […]

Job Promotion at Bryley Systems

I am very pleased to announce that Michelle Denio has been promoted to the position of Administrative Support Technician. Michelle is a key member of Bryley’s Technical Service Department and with this new expanded role she will be able to use her expertise and knowledge of Bryley’s clients to everyone’s advantage.   Congratulations!!!!   Hudson Sun

Microsoft’s new (old) SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint, currently version 2013, has been around since 2001; it is a document-management/collaboration and web-application tool designed to store, share, and synchronize important content.  It is closely aligned with the Microsoft Office suite and SharePoint Online is a component of Microsoft Office 365.   SharePoint Foundation (formerly known as SharePoint Services) is included within […]

Why business users might consider an Ultrabook over a Tablet.

It seems that tablet computers are in the news daily, from Apple’s iPad (iOS) to Microsoft’s Surface (Windows RT) to Samsung’s Galaxy (Droid).  I like a tablet for viewing, but typing on a bare tablet is not the same as using a full keyboard.  Also, compatibility with office-productivity applications is limited on most tablets. Ultrabooks […]

Studies suggest cyber-security overconfidence in small/medium businesses

In a recent survey by Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), most small and medium-sized businesses participating felt they were safe from cyber threats, although just 17% of the 1,015 companies had a formal plan for cyber security.  Other contradictory items: Although 77% recognized that strong cyber security was important for their brand, […]

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), October is the month to promote Cyber Security Awareness, which “…encourages people to do their part to make their online lives safe and secure.”   The NCSA’s philosophy is that safe browsing is a shared responsibility: “Everyone has a role in securing their part of cyber space, […]