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Bryley Basics: Working with Webroot

Greg Livingstone (Engineer) and Gavin Livingstone (President), Bryley Systems Inc. Webroot1 is a cybersecurity firm with “…leadership in developing next-generation approaches to prevent attacks, and a proven technology base that spans millions.”2 Webroot’s SecureAnywhere® Nex-Gen Endpoint Security (NGES) is a small-footprint (<1Mb) agent with Cloud-based threat intelligence designed to deliver advanced, next-generation, endpoint security. Webroot NGES […]

Case Study – Transportation Company Relies on Bryley Systems to Stabilize Technology

The Company: RTA Transit Services, Inc., a private company operating on behalf of the Worcester Regional Transit Authority The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) service area includes over half a million in population and is the second-largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts, serving 35 communities. WRTA maintains a fleet of 47 buses including four clean […]

Announcements, news, events, and promotions

Bryley Holiday party It was a fun-filled early afternoon as many Bryley employees sat down to a luncheon feast followed by an old-fashioned Yankee swap!   Nicole Sawitz Accomplishes her HP Sales – Personal Systems Services Certification! In this day and age, it’s imperative for sales professionals to be able to bridge the technology gap […]

Case Study – Bryley Allows Manufacturing Firm to Focus on Internal Resources & Core Business Tasks

The Company: Built-Rite Tool & Die A custom mold-making and design firm founded in 1984, Built-Rite Tool & Die is the corporate parent and driving force behind its Reliance Engineering and the LSR Engineering divisions. Built-Rite hires highly-skilled engineers, designers, and mold makers to execute demanding design challenges. The company is a leader in the […]

Bryley Basics: WordPress maintenance

Gavin Livingstone, Bryley Systems Inc. Reference article by Al Morel, Web1776 WordPress is the most-popular Content Management Systems (CMS); it powers over 25% of all Internet-based websites since it is a free, easy-to-use, open-source CMS with a large and vibrant community. Because it is an open-source utility, and even though it includes automatic security updates […]

Cybersecurity – How to Avoid Being the Next Headline

Understanding cybersecurity is not simple. When we read about a security breach it’s typically caused by an action, or failed security practice of an employee within an organization. No matter the size of the breach, it’s bad press. Data breaches surface daily and these incidents are growing in frequency, size and cost. It is often […]

Donald Trump’s potential impact on technology

Lawrence Strauss, Strauss and Strauss Gavin Livingstone, Bryley Systems Inc. People expect that President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory, combined with a Republican Congress, will mean big changes. Because organizations depend on technology, what can be foreseen concerning the tech fields, based on Donald Trump’s campaign statements and on the team he is gathering around him? […]

Bryley Basics: Troubleshooting

Gavin Livingstone, Bryley Systems Inc. Whether smartphone, tablet, PC, or notebook, troubleshooting a problem should follow these basic steps: Research Change one Document all Research – Why reinvent the wheel? Break the problem down into a keyword-rich statement and take advantage of your favorite search engine. Sometimes, reordering the keywords can provide a better search. […]

Wi-Fi® is not Wireless Fidelity

Garin Livingstone and Gavin Livingstone, Bryley Systems Inc. Wi-Fi is not an abbreviation for wireless fidelity1; it is a trademarked phrase that refers to wireless communication between electronic devices and a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11x standards. Wi-Fi is brought to us by the Wi-Fi Alliance®, a worldwide network of […]