Evaluating Virtual-Training Methods in View of Your Business Needs

Virtual training is scalable, cost-effective and easy to implement, but what sorts of virtual training exist and how do you know which type of training is best for your situation? [15 min. read]

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Top Internal Threats to Businesses

This white paper examines five types of threats that come at businesses from the inside. [6 min. read]

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Moving Guide

Are you considering a move to a different office?  To minimize downtime and ease the process, we created a moving guide.

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Comparing Cloud-based services

Many Cloud-based services fall into one of these categories:

  • Productivity suites – Applications that help you be more productive
  • Storage – Storing, retrieving, and synchronizing files in the Cloud
  • Backup and Recovery – Backing-up data and being able to recover it
  • Prevention – Prevent malware, typically spam and related components

Each category is represented below in its own section.

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Deploying software systems to  manage a growing organization

Most organizations use software to manage at least these items:

  • Accounting – Perform vital bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • Contacts – Organize and manage clients, prospects, vendors, etc.
  • Operations – Match assets to organization’s need on a daily basis

In organizations with funding limitations, deployment of a software-based system to manage specific functions often starts as a cost-based decision, which can lead to several miscues along the way since cost is only one of the factors that should guide the decision.

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IT security cheat-sheet

All organizations are at risk of a breach in IT security, whether externally (by a party outside the organization’s computer network) or internally (by a person connected to the organization’s computer network); studies show that even small companies are targeted externally, primarily because they are more vulnerable than larger organizations who can dedicate resources to combat external threats.

Fortunately we have compiled this cheat-sheet for you to reference when considering how to secure your critical business data.

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Outsourcing IT (Information Technology)

When in doubt, source IT out.  It’s a big topic, but there are many ways to save time, effort, and money by outsourcing some of all of your IT functions.

Often, organizations staff IT themselves using one of these techniques:

  • The part-time IT person
  • The full-time IT person
  • The IT team

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Protect your mobile device

The need to secure newer mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) has grown since they now meet the basic criteria for malicious, cyberspace-based attack:

  • Developer kits are readily available
  • Mobile devices are in widespread use throughout the world
  • Motivation is increasing since usable/saleable data live on these devices

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What is the business case for Windows-Server virtualization?

Windows-Server virtualization, the deployment of a virtual version of a Windows-Server operating environment, is used to reduce hardware costs, gain efficiencies, and improve the availability of computing resources.  It refers to installing a virtual environment onto one or more “virutalized” hardware servers (termed Physical Hosts) and deploying multiple virtual Windows-Server operating systems (termed Virtual Guests) onto this virtual environment.

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