If you’ve recently received new hardware and are wondering what to do with the old devices, we at Bryley can help with that. We offer two services to responsibly recycle your old technology – crushing the hard drive, and a full data erasure, which ensures that the data is not retrievable and that the process complies with federal regulations.

Other devices that do not have fixed-disk drives but have network information stored on them (switch, firewall, printer, etc.) will be factory reset. Once we are confident that the data has been destroyed, the devices are picked up by a professional IT recycling company for proper handling. We provide documentation to certify this is performed properly and is regulatory compliant.

If you choose not to use our recycling service, we are able to accept newer devices to assist local organizations (specifically the Hudson Food Pantry and the Hudson Branch of the Middlesex Boys and Girls Club). We reformat the drive (note: formatting a hard drive will write-over existing data, making it generally unusable, but is not a full data erasure) and reinstall the operating system. These devices are then either directly donated to the organizations, or are offered to the public with a request of a donation being made towards our local organizations.

For more information on available options, please read the blog article on this topic to help you decide which option is best for you. If you would like further information on Bryley’s recycling program, please contact us at 978.562.6077. You can also email us at ITExperts@Bryley.com, or submit the form below:

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