All organizations are vulnerable to cyberthreats. These threats to information assets may come with intent or by negligence. They may come from criminals, someone with a grudge or a careless employee. They may cause minor inconveniences or extended service disruption. They may result in severe financial penalties, loss of public trust and damage to your organization’s reputation.

A Bryley Risk Assessment will highlight areas of risk in the existing information environment. The final report will serve as a roadmap for reducing risk in the environment going forward. The goals of this assessment are to:

  • identify areas of vulnerability within the organization’s administrative, physical and technical environment
  • develop a roadmap for reducing risk for the upcoming year
  • aid in compliance with a regulatory framework
  • document sensitive data, systems, third-parties, business processes and controls in-place so that these may be secured from threats

Part of a Good Foundation

Identifying an organization’s risks is among the first steps toward protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information assets. It is also an important component for achieving regulatory, commercial and organizational compliance.

It is also important to prioritize the actions that will be taken to mitigate risks, based on the organization’s vulnerabilities, the motivation of existing threat-sources, the costs of remediation, the probability that existing vulnerabilities will be exploited and other factors.

This effort will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s information security risks, a mitigation strategy for the identified risks, and a foundation for the risk management process. A Bryley Risk Assessment is based on the globally-recognized NIST SP800-30 standard for Information Technology Risk Management.

The goal of a Bryley Risk Assessment – a foundational part of the Bryley Business Continuity stack – is to focus on identifying the vulnerabilities to system security and to help determine the probability of occurrence and resultant impact. Based on probability and impact, Bryley will recommend additional safeguards to mitigate damage to information assets. How can you know how you will maintain your operations, not derailed by cyberthreats, until you know where you stand today? For more information about a Bryley Risk Assessment please complete the form, below, call 978.562.6077 or email

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